Profile of the Board of Directors

At Fidelity Pension Managers Limited, the role of the Board of Directors is to oversee the management and governance of the Company, ensuring its prosperity by collectively directing its affairs to enable it meet the interests and expectations of all stakeholders. The Board has a mandate to establish policies for corporate management and make decisions on major Company issues.

The composition of the Board reflects the general requirements of Nigerian company, pension and business laws, including specific regulatory requirements for pension administrators, applicable corporate governance recommendations as well as internal standards. The Directors are therefore competent and experienced professionals in finance, investment, banking, marketing, audit, risk, management, funding and capital structure, information technology, stockbroking, media and communications, the academics and board relations. In addition, all the Directors of the Company are members of the Institute of Directors. Thus, the Directors’ diversity of experience, competencies and capabilities, strong personalities, integrity and reputation come to play in ensuring that the Board fulfils its objectives of constructive debate and effective decision making leading to the Company’s stability, growth and expansion.

Meet our Board of Directors

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